CRY - Coalition on Rights & Responsibilities of Youth



1. Chairperson

 Name:  Miss Madeeha Samar

Date of Birth: March 17, 1994

Qualification:  Student of Dentistry

Role and Responsibilities: 

1. Will preside over all the meetings of General Body and Cabinet.

2. Will look over all the affairs of the organization 

3. Will sign all the vouchers

4. Will be entitled to spend Rs.10,000 on his/her own behalf, but she will get sanction from cabinet later on

5. will be a co-signatory with Finance Secretary/ Project Director

        in Project Accounts 

6. Will be responsible for promoting Coordination and linkages. 


2. Vice Chairperson

Name: Muhammad Kanif Khan

Date of Birth: 5th January , 2000

Qualification:  Student

  Role and Responsibilities: 

Date of Birth:



Role and Responsibilities: 

 1. Will act as president in the absence of Chairperson.

 2. Will assist Chairperson in fulfilling his/her responsibilities and tasks


3. General Secretary

Name: Ms. Noreen Faryal

Date of Birth: 15-04-1990

Qualification:  B.S  (Pharmacy) 

Role and Responsibilities

 1. Will record the minuets of the meetings of General Body and Cabinet

2. Will call the meetings of General Body and Cabinet with consultation of Chairperson. 

3. Will prepare agenda for the meetings.

4. Will be responsible for all correspondence on behalf of the organization.

5. Will be responsible for office matters and activities.

6. Will have the authority to call an emergency meeting of cabinet with prior notice of two days and of General body with three days. 


 4. Joint Secretary

Name:  Miss. Madeeha Sammar

Date of Birth: 15-03-1992

Qualification:  Student Bachelor of Dentistry 

Role and Responsibilities: 

1. Will work as General Secretary in her/his absence.

2. Will assist General Secretary in fulfilling his/her responsibilities and tasks 


 5.   Finance Secretary

 Name: Muhammad Zahoor

Date of Birth:  09-04-1991

Qualification:  BS (Honor) in Commerce

Role and Responsibilities: 

1. Will deal income and expenditure record of the organization.

2. Will be a co-signatory in the Accounts. 


 6. Press Secretary

Name: Miss Liaba Fazal

Date of Birth: 01-04-2000

Qualification:  Student  

Role and Responsibilities: 

 1. Will issue policy statements of the organization with consultation of Chairperson.

2. Will make public the Resolutions, Policy, Decisions and Statements of the   organization with consultation of Chairperson  


7. Office Secretary

Name: Mr. Kashif Ali

Date of Birth: 10-03-1992

Qualification:  Master in Commerce (student)

Role and Responsibilities: 

 i. Maintaining record of office record, inventories 

ii.  Monitoring staff attendance 





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