CRY - Coalition on Rights & Responsibilities of Youth




Title of the Project:

Capacity Building of Children as Child Rights Advocates

 Donor Agency:

 International Child Development Initiatives ICDI (Netherlands)

Goal of the Project:

The goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of children as child rights advocates so that they can promote and protect child rights. In the long run, if the project is successful, it will benefit teachers, parents and policymakers


a) Selection of 15 children

b) Developing training manual and material

c) Imparting 3 days training as Child Rights Advocates to the selected 15  children

d) Follow up and 2 networking meetings of Child rights Activists

e) Organizing debates, role plays and stage shows in 3 schools of Peshawar by   trained Child rights Advocates 



  i. Motivating children to participate in extra curricular activities under age of         15 was a difficult task and to keep them volunteering for few months was           difficult.

ii. To mix the group of children having both boys and girls under the age of             15, because of the cultural norms and values, took a long time.

iii. To convince the school authorities about the importance of conducting                 extra curricular activities was a big hurdle.

iv. People do not accept to conduct social activities in the month of Ramadan,     which was the reason that our project was delayed.

v. There were some financial constraints because due to small budget our             Organization was not able to pay huge incentives. 



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