CRY - Coalition on Rights & Responsibilities of Youth



  1. Training

 • Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop organized by Collaborative Fund for   HIV Treatment Preparedness- South Asia (New Delhi- India) - 07-08-2007 to 09-08-2007

“Technical Assistance and M&E workshop” organized by South Asia                   Collaborative Fund for HIV treatment Preparedness (26th to 29th April,               2006

 • International Youth Forum in Buenos Aires (Argentina) from 16th -22nd             May 2005 organized by Youth Coalition

Youth Advocacy Workshop - 8th to 13th December 2003 in Bangkok                 Thailand organized by Youth Coalition and Network of Asia Pacific Youth

Organizational Management organized by Pakistan AIDS Control                       Federation (14th -18th February, 2006). 


  2. Microbicides

  • Microbicides International Conference Delhi India (23-27 February 2008)

 • International Microbicides 2006 Conference, Cape Town, South Africa,               23-26th April 2006


 3. Membership in HIV/AIDS Seminars/Committees

Member Sub Committee “Youth Pavilion” Mexico AIDS 2008 Conference

Member Sub Committee “Youth Advocacy” Mexico AIDS 2008  Conference

Member “Abstract Review Committee” Mexico AIDS 2008 Conference 

Rapporteur Youth Sessions/Plenary ICAAP8 Colombo 19-23 August 2007

Youth Advisory Committee and Advocacy Task Force. XVI International AIDS Conference Canada (10-18 August 2006) 


4. Skill Building Workshop/Abstract

presented in International AIDS Seminars

Abstract on “Mobilizing Policy Makers on Access to Treatment , care and           Support” Microbicides 2008 Delhi (23-27 February 2008)

Skill building Workshop for young people on Advocacy,  ICAAP 8 Colombo    19-23 August 2007

Two Abstracts                                                                                                              i. Role of Youth Organizations in HIV/AIDS Prevention,                                 ii. Scaling up Treatment , care and support through greater involvement of             People living with HOIV/AIDS  ) ICAAP8 Colombo 19-23 August 2007

Presentation on “Advocacy for Access to Treatment” XVI International AIDS   Conference Canada (10-18 August 2006 

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